The land of Malachant is at chaos. Unlawful guilds control every town. Opium traffic has reached an all-time peak. The influence of some guild masters extends so far as to reach the lands of Orchant to the South. The Crown and the Church seem to have no power to stop them. Central Malachant, and especially its capital, Tirstario, seem lost.

... or is it?

Are the guilds really doing that much harm? Or have the Crown and Church fought monsters for so long they have become monsters themselves? What will the consequences of an open civil war between guilds and Crown be? Are the righteous actually right?

You have traveled long to forget your problems, your woes, to try to escape those who chase you. This one chased by his own kin. That one escaped from frightening confinement at the hands of a brutal slave master. The last, renegade, unfit to live with any race, creed or color. Who are you with, and consequentially, who are you against, in the war for this town?

War for Tirstario