"Are you Sure?"

Enchantment [Mind-Affecting]

Level: DM 1 / GM 1 Components: V, S Casting Time: Instantaneous Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) Target: One group of players. Duration: Depends on how long consequences take to manifest. Saving Throw: Will disbelieve Spell Resistance: See text

Are you Sure? is a mind-affecting spell meant to afflict one group of players with doubt and second thought. Depending on the DM’s alignment, the spell can be cast in different ways. A mainly Good DM will cast the spell as a way to shield players from greater harm. A Neutral or Evil DM will freely cast the spell with every action whose consequences can be terrible or unknown, uncalled or not. In these cases, the spell will lead players to confusion, rethinking of their steps, even taking back rightful actions to fall straight into traps.

In order to cast Are you Sure? upon a group of players, one must first put them at a tense situation, in which a roll can make or break the fight, or an action can save or doom the party. Once the roll is given or the player takes the action, the DM must either glance at one hidden note, or roll a die at random, look at it, and then utter the verbal component, “Are you Sure?”

For the spell to work properly, no further should be added, no matter how much the players demand detail. If done properly, most players will answer with “Wait!”. If used too frequently, some players may come to resist the spell by making a successful Sense Motive check – however, the spell may continue to work by providing a few situations in which the Are You Sure? spell is not a bluff.

It should me noted that as metagaming goes, Are you Sure? is not the most lawful – at times, not even the most correct – spell to cast at the table. If done correctly, however, it will earn the DM the fame of being an insidious bastard, as well as teach the players not to take your aid for granted.

"Are you Sure?"

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