Tirstario is the third biggest city of Central Malachant.

The city is made from two different sections, Uptown and Dowtown. Uptown is where the wealthiest members of the community live – nobility, the nouveau riche, important figures and those who can afford it will always prefer a house in Uptown. It also houses the most expensive stores, most banks, the Opera House, the Crow Treasury, Central Precinct and the Temple of Borealla, heart and soul of the clergy in the city.

Downtown, on the other hand, is a place made of narrow streets and odd corners. Most buildings are very old, many of them being abandoned, condemned or in ruins. Several temples of minor faiths are also housed here, including the remains of those that were destroyed during the Central Wars of Malachant. Though all the area that is now Uptown is considered Downtown, the Downtown itself begins at a place called Black Woman’s Plaza. An old pillory stands in the middle of the plaza, as well as the 15th Precinct, the last before Downtown itself, and the one most guards dread to be assigned to. To the North of Black Woman’s Plaza stands a series of narrow streets, overpasses, blind alleys and lost pathways. The streets have not names but numbers, and since most plates have been long taken off the walls, it is not hard to get lost unless you know your way around.

This area, at the Northernmost of Tirstario, is an area of pubs, bars, illegal gambling parlors, drug businesses, stores dealing in shady or illegal trade, traffic and crime. Most guilds which make their home in Tirstario have their house in the area, as plenty of the bars and gambling parlors are either ran by, or under protection of the guilds.

The New Order of Tirstario is easily the most prominent guild of the city. Their house is located on 11th Street, in what appears to be, from outside, an old brick tenements.


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